Announcing the Breakfast Serial

Hello carnival-goers! I should have announced this a few weeks ago, but better late than never, I suppose. So sometime last summer, I had the idea to get back into writing a recipe blog. It's a common gripe that recipe blogs these days are 90% personal essays and 10% recipes. I thought: okay but what if the personal anecdotes were set... in spaaaaaace?

And so the Breakfast Serial was born. It follows the journal entries of investigative reporter Harper Luna as she settles into her new life at Outpost 3 on the planet Ocasta. The food part features real recipes, most of which I have developed or adapted myself, but some are taken straight from the cookbooks I got them from with a link to said cookbook.

So far, I've shared my favorite scones, French toast, and steak and eggs recipe (with a KILLER skillet corn cake and jalapeño butter to go with it). In future posts I will probably veer away from strictly breakfast dishes, but breakfast foods are my favorite so I've got plenty to share. Enjoy & please let me know how the recipes turn out for you, if you make them.

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